As trusted advisors, we offer practical, proactive and individualized tax preparation and planning solutions, no matter how complex your financial situation. Personal services include:

Tax Preparation

It doesn’t take long for taxes to get complicated. That’s why there’s no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional like Fossett & Associates, CPA to be sure you not only adhere to recent tax codes, but are taking advantage of every allowable deduction.

Tax Planning

Planning is key to reducing your tax liability. We can recommend strategies to help you keep more of the money you work hard for.

Personal Financial Statements

Helpful, and often essential, for loan approval and estate planning.

Division of Marital Assets

Divorce is never easy, and dividing property can be one of its biggest landmines. Sensitive to both the emotions and practicalities of such situations, we can help with property valuation, assist in its fair division and prepare financial information for attorneys.

Client Testimonial
  • From inheritance to childcare to self-employment considerations, Denny has handled every tax complexity we’ve thrown at him with ease. We always feel like he’s covered every base, giving us peace of mind – and leaving us with more in our bank account.

    Paul & Jackie Hunt
    Lakeside Park, KY
  • I don’t look at Fossett & Associates as an expense. I look at them as an investment that more than pays for itself. Their knowledge of the tax code lets them find ways to save money on taxes that I would have probably missed.

    Steve Ziegelmeyer
    Blanchester, OH